Bali gay beach (Calego) has been take over by unstoppable development few years ago. Since that unfortunate change no gay beach in Bali has been settle.

There are few gay friendly beaches with bars, where You can take a sun bath, get a beer and meet friendly local or foreign guys. But as long as You are not in the middle of the night in some wilderness and secluded area forget about any action.

Kuta Beach

Small strip of famous golden sand of Kuta Beach located beside Legian Beach hotel. This part of the beach in the evenings is a popular hangout spot for local guys.

Batu Belig Beach

Cantina Bar and beach beside is definitely very friendly place with many guys especially afternoon coming to watch sunset. It’s located next to W Hotel in Batu Belig neighborhood. Wide stripe of black volcanic sand shining in the sun and some big waves for surfers.

Legian Beach

Pele Beach Bar in Legian (Double Six or Pantai Double Six) is hidden among hundreds of umbrellas and similar bars on Legian beach. Its busy till late evening. Many local guys hangout here so its a great place to meet new friends. It is so far most popular place among gay community. Plenty of visitors from Indonesia and foreigners but do not count for local guys. They are bit shy to be seen here. Beware of hustlers.

Lovina Beach in North Bali

Lovina beach is located next to largest city Singaraja in North Bali. Its a quiet beach. Often gay guys from north part of island visiting especially in afternoon and evening. If you look for some new friends sunset time is best time in dolphin statue area.

Harbour Tourist Area in Singaraja is another place sometimes busy late evening.

Dont forget that You are in Bali which is still in Indonesia. So absolutely no nudity is allowed in public places.

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