Gay friendly Bali trip should begin with basic understanding of travel to island.

Gay rights in Bali

Being gay is legal and most of Balinese doesn’t really care who you love or with whom you share your bed. Peoples in Bali are friendly, curious and welcoming. Do not forget that You arriving to one of busiest tropical destination in the world. Many gay guys travel to Bali every year from every corner of the world.

Bali offer lots of culture, spiritual experiences but also one of the best partying in Asia. You can spend your time meditating, enjoying beaches or having all night long party with other gay travelers.

Hindu culture is based on respect to others. Nudity or public display of affection is not welcome here. Balinese are close to each other so do not mistake guys holding hands or being very close as a gay couples.

Most of the gay businesses is located in south part of the island. Seminyak is most popular neighborhood among gay visitors in Bali. You can find bars, spas, great shopping places and gay friendly beaches.

Visa Information’s

Most of travelers does not require visa to arrive to Bali for 30 days. It’s just a free stamp in Your passport. Check with Your Indonesian Embassy rules and regulation.
If You planning to stay in Bali longer than 30 days apply for tourist visa which allowing 60 days travel.

How to get to Bali

Hundreds daily flights arriving Bali from all over the world. International airport is located in south Bali near Kuta. It handles private jets, full service airline and low cost. We definitely recommend to chose airlines that supporting gay community:

  • KLM
  • Qantas
  • Air New Zealand
  • Virgin Australia

Travel around island

You must have international driving license if You want to drive by bike or car around Bali. Traffic can be hectic especially in Canggu, Kuta and Denpasar. Driving rules including traffic lights are widely ignored. BE CAREFUL! If You arrive during Balinese celebration be sure that many roads will be closed.

If You are not experienced driver use local driving services. Take gay friendly driver or use widely available:

  • Blue Bird Taxi – reliable, metered, order by phone or app
  • Gojek, Grab – apps to book cheap ride by bike or car
  • Rent car with driver with thousands providers scattered across island

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