HIV infection especially among Men having Sex with Men (MSM) is a still big issue in Bali.

Where to get HIV test in Bali?

HIV testing in Bali is free for every Indonesian in most of government hospitals and Puskesmas. Puskesmas is primary care unit scattered across Bali in almost every village. Basic problem is mass testing is lack of trust, knowledge and shame. Most of government facilities offer just a test without any explanation.

There is a few places where gay men in Bali can make HIV testing in friendly manner.


  • Amertha Clinic run by Kerti Praja Foundation
  • Paul Latourelle Clinic run by Bali Peduli Foundation
  • Puskesmas Denpasar Barat II cooperating with Gaya Dewata Foundation


  • Bali Medika Clinic
  • Puskesmas Kuta II cooperating with Gaya Dewata Foundation


  • Clinic Anggrek within Puskesmas Ubud II cooperating with Bali Peduli Foundation


  • Puskesmas Buleleng II cooperating with Gaya Dewata Foundation

Where to get HIV/AIDS information and counselling ?

If You looking for place where You or Your friends can get best possible information’s and counselling You may visit few gay friendly places. For english speaking we recommend Bali Medika Clinic and Bali Peduli Foundation. For Indonesian speaking we recommend Gaya Dewata Foundation.

What can You do to prevent HIV infection?

HIV infections in Bali are specifically high within gay community. Best way to keep HIV away is to always practice safe sex and avoid any risky behaviors. If You need consultation or access to post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) or pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) please contact Bali Medika Clinic or Delivery PrEP.

HIV In Bali
Hiv in Bali

Where to get HIV and AIDS treatment?

Access to anti retro viral treatment (ARV) is free for Indonesian citizens. They can get medication in most of publicly run health units. To get access to advanced, modern treatment we recommend contact with APCOM Hero awards winner doctor Yogi Prasetia in Bali Medika Clinic. Set of HIV and AIDS tests can be run fast and accurate in Prodia Laboratories and Bali Medika Clinic.

Complicated cases and AIDS treatment can be managed through one of the best HIV consultant in Bali dr Susila in Public General Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar.

Travel to Bali with anti retro viral meds.

There are absolutely no issues for arriving visitors. You can have your medicine and no questions are asked. It is recommended to get letter from doctor explaining that its medication prescribed for daily use. No need to mention what is the reason to take it. Be aware that any medicine importation is difficult so basically you can’t have it delivered from abroad. Take enough pills with You for all planned visit.